$S^3$: CMIT's Third Foundation Anniversary.

Three years ago, on the 28th of September, 2018 the Club of Mathematics, IISER Thiruvananthapuram (CMIT), was founded with the intention of providing a platform for the students to discuss and learn where they felt free to express themselves. We also wanted to make it possible for them to indulge in various activities and events throughout the year. We have been organising talk series, peer discussion sessions, math-based contests, and various other events to facilitate a mathematical community among students at the institute, alongside the regular academic curriculum. Every year, we celebrate the end of September as $S^n$, and this year, we have a host of things to talk about as a part of $S^3$.

What is $S^3$?   CMIT's foundation anniversary celebrations are called $S^n$, where $n$ stands for the $n^{th}$ anniversary™. In mathematics, we also denote by $S^3$ the topological space of the unit $3$-sphere, the set of points equidistant from a fixed central point in a $4$-dimensional Euclidean space, or the $3$-dimensional boundary of a four-dimensional ball.
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CMIT $\pi$-uiz 2.0: The CMIT Math trivia quiz is back with its second edition. The quiz will be hosted online by Shivam Bhargava and Rohit Menon on 03rd October, 2021 (Sunday) at 5:00 PM IST via Google Meet. Drop us an email for the link.

Newsletter: To commemorate our third anniversary, we’re bringing to you the first edition of our brand-new newsletter, ‘Donut’. We have been fervently greeted with an influx of articles from the students, and our designers and editors worked their best to make this a reality. We hope you enjoy the inaugural issue as we continue to bring regular editions in the future. We would love to have your feedback and submissions for future editions. Visit the newsletter page for more info.

New website launch: Lastly, CMIT now has a new website! We have moved to a new space under the IISERTVM domain, with a new, refreshing, and more functional website. We take this opportunity to inaugurate our new website as well. CMIT will now be available on cmit.iisertvm.ac.in. We look forward to all the wonderful things the club has yet to achieve with your support.

Simple representation of a grid layout overlayed in blue

Simple representation of a grid layout overlayed in blue

Simple representation of a grid layout overlayed in blue

Simple representation of a grid layout overlayed in blue

Posters for CMIT $S^3$ events. Design: Shyam M.

Instagram Contest: We also have an interesting and unique contest — 9-EOS, a fun math-themed activity in the intersection of math and design that will tickle your creative bones. The last date for submissions is 06th October, 2021

Visit our Instagram page to know more about the rules and participate.

CMIT Screenings

For the first time, CMIT is hosting offline screening sessions — to communicate mathematics in a more fun and enjoyable way. Note that all screening events will be done following proper covid protocols and we expect you to follow the same.
We are having two screening sessions:

  • Monday, 04th October, 09:30PM IST, at PSB3201: Gifted (2017, Fox Searchlight, Directed by Marc Webb)

  • Tuesday, 05th October, 09:30PM IST, at PSB3201: The Great Math Mystery (2015, PBS Nova Documentary)

CMIT $S^3$ Online Talks

On the occasion of CMIT $S^3$, we are delighted to announce $S^3$ Online Talks, consisting of two invited faculty talks, scheduled in the first week of October.

Registration: If you are a participant from outside IISER Thiruvananthapuram, please register here: [link]. On successful registration, you will be sent invite links for the talks. For any further queries, mail us at mathsclub@iisertvm.ac.in.

Details of talks: Please find the titles and abstracts of all the talks above. Do make a note of the schedule.

Talks are now available as recorded videos on our youtube channel.