Integration Bee.

Integration Bee 2021

In association with the Science and Technology Council, the Club of Mathematics organizes the annual Integration Bee contest during the institute science fest, Anvesha. The winners of the contest are bestowed upon with the title of ‘Grand Integrator’ of the year and are awarded exciting cash prizes sponsored by the S&T Council. The competition is a game of speed, accuracy, and control, which makes the event nail-biting exciting and a great deal of fun.

This year, we revamped the contest structure to host two independent events: Integration Bee for Real Functions and Integration Bee for Complex Functions, with multiple rounds for each. The ‘Grand Integrator’ 2021 for Real functions was G. S. S. Pranit Sai (B20), and coming in second place, Joshy K. Oommen (B20). For complex functions, the ‘Grand Integrator' 2021 was Anand Chavan (B17), and in second place, we had Sahil G. Naik (IPhD 19).

Integration Bee 2019

Anvesha 2019 brings you Integration Bee, in association with the Club of Mathematics, IISER Thiruvananthapuram (CMIT), which is a game of speed, accuracy and control over yourself when you deal with a plethora of integrals. Here is your chance to become the Grand Integrator of IISER Thiruvananthapuram, 2019 and win attractive prizes.

Winners: The winners of Integration Bee 2019 are Aditya Narayan Sharma (Grand Integrator 2019) and Nikhil US (Runner-up Integrator).