Activities at CMIT.

Know more about the activities at CMIT.

Talk Series
Delivered by faculties, grad-students, post-grad students or visitor speakers on varied topics in pure and applied Mathematics that are beyond the scope of standard curriculum, with a purpose of giving more exposure to the students. > details

Peer Discussion Sessions
Open, drop-in peer math discussion sessions for undergraduates to clear out problems they encounter during coursework and beyond, as well as giving them a broader idea of Mathematics. These sessions are voluntarily mentored by seniors students from the School of Mathematics. > details

Epiphany, the CMIT Mathematics Tournament is an annual pre-PhD level mathematics competition organised in association with Anvesha. This is a student-run contest aimed at fostering interest in mathematics and providing an exciting platform to students to assess their skills. Epiphany is conducted as a part of $\pi$-Day celebrations each year. > details

Quizzes and fun competitions
Organised at various points of time during the academic year, notified duly.

Exam Preparation Sessions
Preparation for graduate-level Math entrance exams like CSIR, NBHM, TIFR, etc.

Anvesha Events
CMIT organizes math events as a part of Anvesha and the Anvesha fest. These include the Integration Bee and Aficionados (Anvesha Expo) among others. > details

CMIT $S^n$
To commemorate the club's foundation every year, when September ends, we celebrate the CMIT Foundation Anniversary through various events. CMIT's foundation anniversary celebrations are called $S^n$, where $n$ stands for the $n^{th}$ anniversary™. > details

Weekly Problem Contests
A set of problems sent out as an open-to-all contest for students every week and asked for independent solution submissions. Innovative solutions are noted and published on our site. > details